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PHS transceiver

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The RDA5206A transceiver is a complete RF front end for PHS wireless communication. The receive section interfaces between the RF band-select filter and the baseband subsystem. The RDA5206A receiver employs a digital low-IF architecture, and universally supports analog baseband interfaces. The transmit section of RDA5206A provides a direct up-conversion path from the baseband subsystem to the power amplifier (PA). A fast settling fractional-N synthesizer is fully integrated, including RF VCO, loop filters, and varactors, etc. The RDA5206A transceiver includes a digitally-controlled crystal (DCXO) and completely integrates the reference oscillator and varactor functionality.



1. Two chips solution:
    ♦ RDA5206A: RF transceiver
    ♦ RDA5215: Power amplifier + sw

2. 6x6 mm 40-pin QFN

3. Compact application

4. Industry-leading performance

5. Highly Integrated PHS transceiver including the following:
    ♦ Digital low-IF receiver
    ♦ Direct up-conversion transmitter
    ♦ Frequency synthesizer-Integrated VCO, loop filters, and varactors

6. Support seamless hand-over

7.Support QBOX

8.Two reference oscillator options:
   ♦ 19.2MHz TCXO
   ♦ Crystal (DCXO)

9. Baseband interface supports:
    ♦ I/Q
    ♦ I/Q with 150 kHz carrier
    ♦ 10.8 MHz IF

10.3-wire serial control interface

11.2.7 to 3.3 V operation

12.CMOS process technology



1.PHS digital cellular handsets
2.PHS wireless data modems

Download: For Datasheet

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