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General Description

RDA88X9BS is a high performance, highly integrated system-on-chip solution for low cost, low power, GSM/GPRS IOT application.

Integrating all essential electronic components, including baseband, quad band RF transceiver, power management, FM receiver onto a single system on chip, RDA88X9BS offers best in class bill of material, space requirement and cost/feature ratio for complete IOT Module.

It is also packed with impressive connectivity for easy scalability of the system, allowing glue less interfaces to camera and multimedia companion chips, SDMMC Memory Cards and SPI devices, LCD modules and USB (slave, full speed).


Key Features:

1.CPU: 32-bit XCPU@312MHz
2.Modem:GSM/GPRS Class 10
3.Memory: 32Mb Flash and 32Mb PSRAM
   •USB 1.1 Device
   •2 UART interface
   •1 SD controller
   •1 SD/SPI controller
   •SPI with multiple chip select
   •I2C controller
   •General Purpose I/Os
   •2 GPADC, 10bits, 2 channels


Package: 9.8 X8.3mm,,TFBGA.

Download: For Datasheet

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