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MCU Bluetooth

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General Description

RDA5851S is a high performance, highly integrated multi-media system-on-chip solution with Bluetooth connectivity. This is a newer generation than 5851, which specialized in music and audio applications, such as bluetooth music boom box, bluetooth stereo headset, etc. Integrating all essential electronic components, including baseband, bluetooth transceiver, power management,

FM receiver onto a single system on chip, RDA5851S offers best in class bill of material, space requirement and cost/feature ratio for bluetooth music and audio application.


Key Features:

1.CPU: 32-bit XCPU@312MHz
2.Memory: 8Mb Flash
   • USB 1.1 Device
   • UART interface
   • 1 SD controller
   • I2C controller
   • I2S controller
   • General Purpose I/Os
   • 1 GPADC, 10bits, 1 channel
   • 1 channel voice ADC, 8kHz, 13 bits/sample for microphone
   • Voice DAC, 8kHz, 13 bits/sample for receiver
   • High fidelity Stereo DAC, up to 48kHz, 16 bits per sample
   • Stereo analog audio line input
5.Bluetooth:2.1 + EDR standard



Download: For Datasheet

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