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STB tuner

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General Description
The rda5880N is a fully integrated direct convertion RF front end supporting all worldwide terrestrial and cable TV standards.
The rda5880N extends the unmatched performance and design simplicity while further reducing footprint size.
No external LNAs, tracking filters, or SAW filters are used.
Based on RDA’s some innovative technique, the rda5880N offers excellent phase noise and very low implementation loss, required for advanced modulation systems such as QAM256, QAM64. This tuner RF IC require a balun and its fully integrated design saves valuable board space and simplifies RF layout.


  lWorldwide Digital TV tuner
- 40–870MHz frequency range
  l230mA power consumption 
  lMinimal external passive components 
  lSimple LNA matching components 
  l100dB dynamic range 
  l<5 dB noise figure 
  lFully integrated digital AGC loop 
  lFully integrated channel selectivity 
  lFully integrated PLL ( including loop filter) 
  l35 dBc first-adjacent rejection 
  lDigital low-IF architecture 
  lProgrammable low- IF 4 to 8M 
  l3.3V power supplies 
  l I2C control port 
  l40-pin 5x5 QFN package

  lAll digital Standards supported



Download: For Datasheet

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