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GPS Low Noise Amplifier

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The RDALN16N is a high gain low noise amplifier. This device is designed for GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS applications.
The low noise amplifier is fabricated with SOI CMOS technology. The device package
is 1.5 mm×1.5mm×0.5 mm.



1. Ultra Low Noise Figure: 0.85 dB
2. High Gain: 18.5dB
3. Integrated 50 ohms output matching
4. Wide supply voltage range: 1.6V~2.8V
5. Few Peripheral Components
6. Low leakage in shutdown mode: <2μA
7. Small footprint:1.5 mm×1.5 mm
8. ESD protection
9. Advanced SOI CMOS process

Download: For Datasheet

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