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GPS Low Noise Amplifier

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Download: For Datasheet

The RDALN16 is a high gain low noise amplifier. This device is designed for GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS applications..
The low noise amplifier is fabricated with SOI CMOS technology. The device  package is 1.45mm×1.0mm×0.55 mm.


1.Ultra Low Noise Figure: 0.85 dB
2.High Gain: 18.5dB
3.Integrated 50 ohms output matching
4.Wide supply voltage range: 1.6V~2.8V
5.Few Peripheral Components
6.Low leakage in shutdown mode: <2μA
7.Small footprint:1.45mm×1.0mm
8.ESD protection
9.Advanced SOI CMOS process

Download: For Datasheet

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