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FM radio receiver and transmitter

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General Description
The RDA5820NS is the newest generation single-chip broadcast FM receive/transmit tuner
with fully integrated synthesizer, IF selectivity and MPX decoder. The chip uses the CMOS process, support multi-interface and require the least external component. The package size is 3X3mm and is completely adjustment-free. All these make it very suitable for portable devices.
The RDA5820NS has a powerful low-IF digital audio processor, this make it have optimum sound quality with varying reception conditions.
The RDA5820NS use RDA patented dual synthesizers, all digital transmit structure, this
make it have perfectly transmition performance and agility.
The RDA5820NS support 50M~115M frequency band FM and RDS/RBDS receive and transmit, support power supply range is 1.8-5.5V, all these make it can be used in simple wireless control appliance such as mobile phone or toys.
The RDA5820NS package is pin-to-pin compatible with FM receive tuner RDA5802NS.

1.1 Features
1. CMOS single-chip fully-integrated FM transceiver
2. Low power consumption
  lTotal current consumption is about 22mA at 3.0V power supply (receive mode)
  lTotal current consumption is about 26 mA at 3.0 V power supply (maximum power transmit mode)
3. Support worldwide and campus frequency band
   l50 -115 MHz
4.   Support flexible channel spacing mode
   l100KHz, 200KHz, 50KHz and 25KHz
5.   Digital low-IF tuner
   lImage-reject down-converter
  lHigh performance A/D converter
  lIF selectivity performed internally
6.   Fully integrated digital frequency synthesizer
      lFully integrated on-chip RF and IF VCO
      lFully integrated on-chip loop filter
7.   All digital transmitter
8.   Autonomous search tuning
9.   Support RDS/RBDS receive and transmit
10.   Support SNR FM searching
11.   Support 32.768KHz crystal oscillator
12.   Digital auto gain control (AGC)
13.   Digital adaptive noise cancellation
        lMono/stereo switch
        lSoft mute
        lHigh cut
14. Programmable de-emphasis (50/75 us)
15. Receive signal strength indicator (RSSI) and SNR
16. Bass boost
17. Volume control
18.  Support I2S digital transmitter
19. Support audio power amplifier ( 32Ω resistance loading)
20. I2S digital input / output interface
21. Line-level analog output voltage
22. 32.768 KHz, 12M,24M,13M,26M,19.2M,38.4MHz reference clock
23. Only support IIC serial control bus interface
24. Directly support 32Ω resistance loading
25. Integrated LDO regulator
      l1.8 to 5.5 V operation voltage
26. 3X3mm 20 pin QFN package
27. Pin-to-pin compatible with RDA5802NS

1.2 Applications
  Cellular handsets
  MP3, MP4 players
  Portable radios
  PDAs, Notebook PCs
  Wireless Toys

Download: For Datasheet

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