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RDA5891 integrated RF front-end tuner and channel demodulator in one chip to service china mobile multimedia broadcast system. RF front-end tuner support U band TV receive capacity which integrated all RF components such as LNA, Mixer, RF PLL, and Filter. RDA5891 integrates all demodulate modules include the memory required, with less external components needed in application circuit. This solution,RDA5891U, integrates UAM module SIP on the same package.

1.CMOS single-chip fully-integrated RF front-end tuner and demodulator
2.U band of CMMB supported
3.CMMB standard GY/T220 full compatible
4.Support BPSK ,QPSK,QAM16 modulation
5.On-chip LDPC , RS error correction
6.Three channels output simultaneously
7.Integrated memory , no external memory required
8.Battery power supply directly , internal integrated DC/DC, LDO
9.Crystal support, required only one external crystal
10.I2C,UART,SPI,control and data interfaces support transparent or non-transparent stream output
12.SIM interface support
13.Low power consumption
14.Minimum external component
15.5*5mm 40 pin QFN package


1.Mobile handset and smart phone
3.PC,USB dongle

Download: For Datasheet

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