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GSM/EDGE transceiver

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The RDA6220E transceiver is a complete RF front end for GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless communication. It has an integrated power manager unit, can be directed connected to battery power supply. The receive section interfaces between the RF band-select SAW filter and the baseband IC. The RDA6220E receiver employs a digital low-IF architecture, and support both universal analog baseband interfaces and DigRF 1.12 digital interface. In GSM GMSK modulation mode, the transmit section of RDA6220E provides a direct modulation PLL transmitter path from the baseband subsystem to the
power amplifier (PA). And in 8PSK mode, the AM signal directly modulation the PA driver block to rebuild the RF signal. A fast settling fractional-N synthesizer is fully integrated, including RF VCO, loop filters, and varactors, etc. The RDA6220E transceiver includes a digitally-controlled crystal (DCXO) and completely integrates the reference oscillator and frequency tuning varactors. The RDA6220E integrated four GPIO and build precise timing control for RF FEM.



1.Single chips solution: RDA6220E
2.Multi-band GSM cellular systems
3.Integrated LDO
4.Integrated GSM/EDGE transceiver including the following
5.Two reference oscillator options
6.Support digital AFC
7.Universal analog baseband interface and DigRF V1.12 digital interface
8.GPRS/EDGE multi slot up to class 33/38
9.RF FEM control
10.3.3 to 4.2 V operation
11.CMOS process technology


1.Multiband GSM/GPRS/EDGE digital cellular handsets
2.Multiband GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless data modems

Download: For Datasheet

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