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FM radio receiver

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The RDA5807SP is a single-chip broadcast FM stereo radio tuner with fully integrated synthesizer,IF selectivity and MPX decoder. The tuner uses the CMOS process, support multi-interface and require the least external component. The package size is SOP16. It is completely
adjustment-free. All these make it very suitable for portable devices.

The RDA5807SP has a powerful low-IF digital audio processor, this make it have optimum sound quality with varying reception conditions.

The RDA5807SP can be tuned to the worldwide frequency band.



1. CMOS single-chip fully-integrated FM tuner

2. Low power consumption:
    ♦ Total current consumption lower than 17.5mA at 3.3V power supply

3. Support worldwide frequency band:
     ♦ 76 -108 MHz

4. Digital low-IF tuner:
    ♦ Image-reject down-converter
    ♦ High performance A/D converter
    ♦ IF selectivity performed internally

5. Autonomous search tuning

6. Support crystal oscillator

7. 32.768 KHz 12M,24M,13M,26M,19.2M,38.4MHz

Download: For Datasheet

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