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RDA5880 Fully Integrated, Direct Down-Conversion Receiver for DVB-T

Download: For Datasheet

The RDA5880 is a fully integrated direct convertion RF front end for digital TV standards (DVB-T, ATSC, and DMB-T/H). The receiving frequency range is from 50MHz to 870MHz.


The RDA880 consists of a variable gain LNA, quadrature downconverter, variable low-pass filters, reference oscillator, VCOs, synthesizer, high performance adc, dsp and upconverter.


Based on RDA’s some innovative technique, the rda5880 offers excellent phase noise and very low implementation loss, required for advancedmodulation systems such as QAM16, QAM64. This tuner RF IC does not require a balun and its fully integrated design saves valuable board space and simplifies RF layout.



1. Single-chip RF-to-baseband receiver
2. Implemented inCMOS 0.13umprocess
3. Input frequency range: 50 to 870MHz
4. Input signal level: -100 to -20 dBm
5. Fully integrated PLL (dividers, charge pump, phase & frequency detectors, loop filters, etc.)
6. IntegratedRX VCO
7. Integrated reference oscillator (27MHz is defult)
8. I2C bus interface
9. Automatic gain control, more than 80dB gain control range
10.On chip regulator voltage input 3Vto 4.5V.
11.Programmable IF 30M to 40M
12.Lowpower consumption:
     ♦ UHF mode 120mA with IF output; 100mA with baseband output
     ♦ VHF mode 140mA with IF output; 120mA with baseband output
13.Lower profile packages:
     ♦ RDA5880: 5×5mmQFN32



 1.DVB-T,ATSC and DMB-T/H television receivers
 2.Portable applications such as laptops, portableDVD players
 3.Handheld applications such as cellular phones and PDAs

Download: For Datasheet

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