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SCDMA transceiver

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The RDA3308 is a single-chip dual-band RF front end for SCDMA and MC-SCDMA wireless communication, supporting 400/1800MHz dual-band applications.Comparing to   the previous RDA3300/01 chipset, RDA3308 integrates RF radio with baseband interface as well. RDA3308, RDA3314(400MHz PAM),RDA3319(1800MHz PAM) and RDAES01(SP2TSwitch) builds up a complete RF radio solution,which directly interface with antenna and baseband processor. All sensitive components,such as RF VCO,loop filters, and tuning inductors and varactors, are completely integrated into RDA3308.



1.CMOS Single-chip fully-integrated RF radio

2.Supporting dual-band/dual-mode SCDMA:
    ♦ 400MHz and 1800MHz

3.Low-IF receiver for SCDMA:
    ♦ Image-reject down-converter
    ♦ High performanceA/D converter
    ♦ Digital IF signal processing

4.Direct conversion receiver forMC-SCDMA:
   ♦ Image-reject down-converter
   ♦ High performanceA/D converter
   ♦ Digital baseband signal processing

5.Direct up-conversion transmitter

6.Fully integrated Fractional-N PLL:
   ♦ fully integrated on-chip RF and IF VCO
   ♦ fully integrated on-chip loop filter
   ♦ fast switching time( <30us)

7.3-wire serial control bus interface

8.Low power consumption:
   ♦ RX current: 70mA
   ♦ TX current: 60mA

9.6*6mm 40 PinQFN

10.2.7 to 3.3V operation



1.SCDMAandMC-SCDMAcellular handsets
2.Wireless datamodems and terminals

Download: For Datasheet

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