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Radio frequency switch

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General Description

RDA’s RDASW31 is a SOI CMOS single pole three throw (SP3T) high power switch in a low cost miniature MLPD package. The RDASW31 is ideally suited for applications where high power, low control voltage, low insertion loss, high isolation and small size are required. Typical applications are for handset systems that connect separate transmit and receive functions to a common antenna, as well as other related handset and general purpose applications.



1.Low Harmonics > 70 dBc at +31 dBm @ 900MHz
2.1.8V/3.3V logic control compatible
3.Low Insertion Loss
4.High TX to RX Isolation
5.+63 dBm IIP3
6.ESD Protection at all ports
7.Miniature 2×2 MLPD-8L Package
8.SOI CMOS Process


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